5 steps to ensure a safe visit to the salon

Going to the salon is indulging us in some much-needed me-time. It's like a break from all stress in life where we just surrender ourselves completely to be pampered by the professionals. Right from facials, head massages, hair coloring, everything screams self-care and self-love.

But this me-time routine had taken a pause and most of us have been on a break from our visits to salons because of the on-going situation. It’s time we get back to taking care of ourselves and indulge in some serious pampering.

We must be careful before stepping out while visiting our favorite salons again. We must follow a standard hygiene and safety routine during our visits. Take a look at these 5 steps the next time you indulge in some pampering.

Always wear a mask


Remember, your new best friend is your mask, no kidding. You need to wear your mask even during your trips to the salon. It is also important that you request your salon personnel to wear a mask and other safety gear.

Spraying disinfect before entering the salon


The easiest way to disinfect anyone before entering the salon is by spraying them with liquid disinfectant. This ensures that everyone is clean and safe. Most salons have installed such spray disinfectants near the entrance of their salons where each and everyone goes through the process ensuring optimum safety.

Request for disposable sheets and overalls


All major salons throughout the world are taking steps to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. One way they do this is by giving each customer disposable sheets and overalls that are made for single use only and then disposed of to avoid the spread of infection if any. If your salon does not follow this then you need to ask them for one specifically.

Carry wet wipes and sanitizer


All salons will definitely have clean towels and sanitizers for everyone’s use but it’s better if you carry your own. It’s also advisable to use your personal wet wipes and avoid towels as much as possible. If possible, carry your own towel. This will be a hassle-free and safe way for you to relax and enjoy the salon treatments rather than worrying about safety and hygiene.

Take a shower after your salon visit


Conclude each visit to the salon by going for a hot shower. And don’t skip the body wash. Also, keep your used clothes away and wash them with disinfectants to ensure no residue of germs are left.

So, get your hair and nails done while you follow these steps to make sure nothing dampens your me-time.